mercoledì 11 aprile 2012

Building a United World playing soccer

 “My name is Louie Santos a volunteer at the Fazenda da Esperança, Naga (Southern Philippines). The boys I play with are altar boys from the Don Bosco Parish here in Carolina, Naga. I started playing when I was six years old. I started coaching at17 and did it until 28 years old. I also attended various coaching courses from the Asian Football Federation organized by the Philippine Football Federation.
 I have much fun playing with kids after 3 years of not coaching anymore. Until now I don't tell the kids that I used to coach. Still they ask me to teach them a few basic techniques. Sometimes we organize small sided games to improve the way they play. These children not having formal football schooling have developed an instinctive football sense. This can be developed into a systematic football discipline if they are willing to be trained properly.
More important is the relationship we’ve built together. The fact that they call me "kuya" (big brother) gives me a sense of responsibility to teach them values like fair play, mutual respect, and love.
I have asked the help of the football community in Manila, friends, former teammates and co-coaches who have pledged to donate us some used soccer shoes and training equipment. I also plan to offer my coaching services for free with an agreement with the parish and the children for those who want to train in a specific standard football program for youth.

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