mercoledì 23 aprile 2014

Madagascar: Musical Band all set for 1st May

Dear Youth for a United World.
We are the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) from Madagascar. Our country is an island located in the Indian Ocean basin. Our country’s population is 20 million. According to recent statistics, more than 40% of the Malagasy are under 30 years. This is substantially a very young population.
Here too, the Spirituality of Unity (Focolare Movement) arrived several years ago. We are part of this Movement and we boys and girls are strongly committed girls to building a united world in the different cities of our country. We are trying to put into practice the “Let’s Bridge” motto, launched to many young people spread all over the world in 2012 and we want “Be the Bridge” on a personal level. It is a fascinating experience because we feel that the whole world is essentially “waiting to welcome” our message of peace and brotherhood. So many young people want to embrace this ideal along with us!

lunedì 21 aprile 2014


“La Settimana Mondo Unito è stata davvero un successo ed è realmente speciale. È una di quelle attività che è più in linea con il carisma.”
[Chiara Lubich, 13/12/2002]
L’edizione 2014 della Settimana Mondo Unito (SMU) si terrà dal 1° all’11 maggio.
Sotto il titolo “Bridging cultures”, quest’anno le varie attività e azioni organizzate dai Giovani per un Mondo Unito (GMU) si concentreranno sulla reciprocità nell’amore concreto, sul privilegiare i rapporti.
Focus particolare sull’Africa, un continente pieno di colori, culture e sfide, in una reciproca condivisione e scambio di ricchezze con le diverse culture africane.
Il 1° maggio alle ore 13 italiane si terrà in collegamento mondiale via streaming l’apertura della SMU 2014.
Vi faremo avere le coordinate per la diretta del 1° maggio.
Evento centrale della SMU sarà “Sharing with Africa”, un cantiere di reciprocità che si terrà dal 27 aprile al 4 maggio a Nairobi, Kenya alla Mariapoli Piero.
Parteciperanno più di un centinaio di giovani: la metà delle zone africane e l’altra metà di vari Paesi del mondo.
In allegato trovate il programma del cantiere.
In quest’occasione si lancerà inoltre l’Atlante della fraternità, primo documento dello United World Project nato dalla raccolta di più di 800 frammenti di fraternità.
Sarà disponibile online su dal 1° maggio e in versione cartacea dal 1° settembre 2014.
Visibilità della SMU: Come già fatto negli anni precedenti, anche quest’anno vi chiediamo di condividere con tutti le varie attività ed esperienze che farete durante la SMU 2014.
Potete postarle sulla pagina Facebook “Youth for a United World - International
Approfittiamo per fare a tutti voi i migliori auguri di una buona Pasqua, e una buona Settimana Mondo Unito!

Centro GMU

domenica 20 aprile 2014

Also Today I have Loved

I have the impression that time is passing by very quickly and in the depth I feel of my heart I can resign myself to this as long as it is all love. As long as, at the eve of each day, I can say to myself: “Also today I have loved.”
On this Easter that reminds us of how Jesus, after dying, was resurrected, and how we too will one day rise up with our bodies, I would like that all of you would live so that each evening you can say: Also today I have loved.
We do not know how long our life will last, however, how bitter it would be to draw closer to death with only a few days lived in love. How regretful! We would remorsefully say: “I could have loved but I didn’t do it.”

venerdì 18 aprile 2014


“The United World Week was truly a success and it’s really special. It’s one of those activities that is more in line with the charisma.” [Chiara Lubich, 13/12/2002]
The 2014 edition of the United World Week (UWW) will be held from 1st to 11th May.
The title of this year’s UWW is “Bridging cultures” and the wide variety of activities and actions carried out by the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) will focus on reciprocal concrete love and underlining the priority of relationships.
A particular focus will be given to Africa, a continent which is full of colours, cultures and challenges, through mutual sharing and an intercultural exchange with the different African cultures.
On 1st May at 1:00 pm (Italian time) there will be a worldwide linkup (via streaming) marking the opening of UWW 2014. Shortly, we will send you the internet link to the 1st May event.
The central event of the United World Week will be “Sharing with Africa”, a work-site of reciprocity which will be held from 27th April to 4th May at the Mariapolis Piero, Nairobi, Kenya.
More than one hundred young people are expected to participate: 50 from the African Continent and 50 from various parts of the world.
Attached, please find the programme of this work-site on fraternity.
On this occasion we will also launch the “Atlas of Fraternity”, the first United World Project document based on the collection of more than 800 fragments of fraternity.
It will be available online from 1st May on and in hard copy from 1st September, 2014.
As usual, we wish to give great visibility to the United World Week and therefore, we are inviting you to post your activities and experiences on our Facebook page:
Youth for a United World – International
We take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Easter, and have a good United World Week!
Y4UW Central Secretariat

giovedì 17 aprile 2014

Kasadya 2014: DULA TA BAi

Greetings Y4UW!
It has been one heck of a year—intense, sometimes cruel, often times demanding yet at the end of the day, EXTREMELY rewarding. From clearing rubble brought about by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol, to a ceaseless relief effort from being almost literally swept off the earth by typhoon Yolanda, to preparing the much anticipated tour by GenRosso in February of this year — a few questions would come to mind like “is there any room to breathe?” or more consequently — “what is next?”
Summer in the Philippines is well on its way and we would not want to miss this opportunity to make the most out of it (of course)! We, the young people of Dumaguete city are inviting every young person who want to contribute in building a united world and spend a few days of their summer(and their saved up energy from school or work) together with us in our humbling town as we host Kasadya 2014: DULA TA BAi— to ‘reinforce old bridges and build new ones,’ to encourage dialogue among youth of diverse communities on current issues and events in a fun, vibrant and conducive environment, and to rejuvenate mental, physical and spiritual health through different activities, so as to ‘continue loving our way to achieve universal brotherhood.’