lunedì 14 maggio 2012

Cartoon character created for Economy of Communion website

Through the precious collaboration of cartoonist Vittorio Sedini, a new comic strip adorns the Economy of Communion website
We are proud to present Formy (from the Italian “formica” meaning ant) the new EoC mascot. Formy came about from the precious collaboration with cartoonist Vittorio Sedini who, for many years, kept many readers of  Città Nuova amused with his comic strips that are witty and full of wisdom. As of today, Formy will be a regular feature on the site aimed at children, adolescents, teachers and educators, which will be published at the same time as our newsletter.
Formy is a further initiative of the Economy of Communion and Youth Project, which began a couple of years ago, aiming to raise awareness of the EoC in the younger generations. Through the comic strip, Formy will endeavour to explain the EoC in a simple and direct manner, but not only to children …

The EoC website has issued the challenge to make the cartoon character, and the Economy of Communion principles it represents, known in the environments that we work in.

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