mercoledì 23 maggio 2012

Emmaus: “You are free to ignite the fire”

On 20th May, Sunday morning, an appointment was held at the Multiversum in Vienna, with the more committed members of the Focolare community. The programme included a moment of dialogue with Maria Voce (president) and Giancarlo Faletti (co-president). Their answers to the questions were simple, illuminating and encouraging. The questions were made by youth and adults on themes regarding the witness to offer in today’s challenges so as to have more effective impact in the various spheres of society.
Joy exploded in a great applause when the president of the Focolare concluded with this prospect: “The notion that ours is a life and not an organization has always accompanied me over the years, and made me understand what it means to be children of God. I do not know whether I am being bold, but I would like to wish you freedom which means: be free also from the desire of being efficient, from the need to do things in an accurate way, from the memory we have of things that did not turn out as we would have wished them to be, from the historical situation. Be free, to have the happiness of being able to say yes to God, and know that He awaits your collaboration, to make of the “ideal” Austria an example of true, profound freedom; it is a freedom that comes from recognizing and accepting our limitations, from thinking that in spite of these limitations we can do good (this is even more difficult!), believing that God works beyond them and with them. God acts if we say yes to him. He brings fire, that which is mentioned in the Word of Life of this month, which is drawing to a close, but we still have a few days to continue the blaze. This is my wish for you: that you are free to ignite the fire!”
By our correspondent Oreste Paliotti

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