martedì 8 maggio 2012

Leipzig: Let's-Bridge-Workshop-Weekend

Hi Guys, 
We would like to share and contribute to the News-Page of the Genfest 2012.
'Genfest 2012 – Let's Bridge' comes closer every day and we are getting more and more excited. 
Our latest activity took place on the last weekend of April. We invited young people from all over East Germany to a small Village close to Leipzig to be part of a fantastic Let's-Bridge-Workshop-Weekend. Over 35 people took this chance to build new and vital bridges throughout the different workshops such as dance lessons, building instruments, film & photography and Hungarian dishes for our dinner. Relaxing in the sun, football or swimming at the nearby lake were some of the activities in the afternoon. On Saturday night, we expressed our gratefulness for the weekend through a Taizé-Prayer in the chapel. On Sunday we met in small groups and shared our experiences of building bridges in our daily lives founded on some phrases of the Gospel. Each one of us became a vital part of the bridge we built among us and we felt very much connected to all the other vital bridges which are growing constantly towards the Genfest 2012 in Budapest. See you all there!
All the Best, 
The Youth for a United World from East Germany.

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