domenica 8 dicembre 2013

A rainbow of hope

Dr. Suarez, a volunteer doctor in Tacloban posted on social media: “Every day there is a reason to be hopeful amid the bad news. I felt it and I know we have a lot to be hopeful about.” He posted the photo of a rainbow which he had taken as he climbed up on top of a structure on the morning of November 15, 2013 in Tacloban City, seven days after typhoon Haiyan hit Tacloban. It was a beautiful sign of hope for the Tacloban people who were so weary about the slow relief operations and the common sight of desperation in the city. The whole world seemed to be present in this part of the planet as relief volunteers and aid from the United Nations, from America, Europe, Australia, the Middle East, from other Asian nations, and even from China came pouring in. The Philippine Military and police became very much present in the region to restore order and ensure the speedy distribution of relief goods. The love and support of the international community were just overwhelming. The gospel prophecy “When I am lifted from the earth, I will draw everyone to myself (Jn 12:32),” seemed being fulfilled right here in Tacloban, and in Central Philippines.

The Philippines will never be the same again after Typhoon Yolanda. The trauma that it has brought will take time to heal, and the images of death and destruction will forever remain in our hearts and minds, steering us to improve our lives better and to build better relationships with each other. I remember one of my favorite German philosophers, Martin Heidegger, with his definition of man as a being unto death. Death really gives meaning to life. Life is just so short, and the call to live it well is always urgent.What we can hold on to now is to love those who have been left behind to us here on earth. Our strength comes from the solidarity that we can feel with other nations, with one another, with each of our countrymen and women in these distressful times.
During those days in November 2013, I could not imagine a “rainbow” coming after this storm. But one did literally appear in the skies above Tacloban. Many have witnessed it. A feeling of optimism has returned. Mayor Romualdez of Tacloban seemed to have recovered and showed his leadership as he was shown on national TV saying, “What we need now our words of encouragement... The worst is over... We survived the most powerful typhoon in the whole world... we need to move forward and we have to go on!”

Jose Aranas

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