mercoledì 25 dicembre 2013

The Christmas door

Christmas tree in Jerusalem old city area
I wish that each one of us had four keys.
A key to the door that leads to the back yard: the Lord comes, however, we do not know where and how. He comes to those persons who don’t dare to approach the main door.
A key to the door that leads to the interior: the Lord is more intimate to us than the most profound part of our soul. From there he enters the home of our lives.
A key to the inter-connecting door that has been walled: this walled and plastered door led to our closest neighbours: they are also the ones that are most outsiders, the Lord knocks at our door.
A key to the main door, the portal: on that threshold Jesus, together with Mary and Joseph were turned away.
Let’s not hesitate to let him enter into our lives and into our world in a definite way! Today, are we ready to be his Bethlehem?
Klaus Hemmerle

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