martedì 21 gennaio 2014

Building new bridges – Jordan

I come from a Muslim nation where Christians make up 3% of the population. The diversity between these two faiths began to weigh on my life since I was at university. The differences would sometimes hurt me: I felt like there were walls dividing us.
I remember how one day in class a professor said some things that offended me as a Christian. In that moment, I understood that it was useless to try and respond to him. But there was something else that I could do: I could face this difficult situation without ever stopping to love. I thought that also Jesus on the cross was the emblem of someone who is discriminated. So, in silence, I prayed for this professor and for all my classmates. The following day, I was surprised when the professor told me that he was sorry and a new relationship began.

In the meantime, a nice friendship began to grow between me and a Muslim girl. I was the first Christian that she had personally come to know. At the beginning, it was not easy. She had problems with her friends and I did too with mine. But I decided to go ahead with this friendship which, day after day, builds new bridges.
A few years ago, together with other young people who live to build a united world, we decided to hold a school programme for children and teens from Iraq who are refugees in our nation. We are both Christians and Muslims, and also these children belong to the two faiths.

During these years, we have come to know many terrible situations…. But among us there is a real exchange of gifts which continues on with some, even after they leave for other countries with their families.

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