lunedì 10 marzo 2014


Warm greetings from all of us "Youth for a United World in Kenya"! We look forward to welcoming each one of you for: "SHARING WITH AFRICA".  It is about UBUNTU – "I am because we are"
It will be from 25th April to 5th May 2014 we will be having the worksite on reciprocity “Sharing with Africa”, an integral part of the United World Project (UWP) – a global project that aims at highlighting and spreading a culture of brotherhood among all.
UWP was first launched during the Genfest (Budapest, 1st September 2012) along with the slogan “Let’s Bridge”. From there we moved to the Middle East for the second important step entitled “Be the Bridge”. This event was held last May in the Holy Land, coinciding with 2013 United World Week reaching its climax during a worldwide link-up from Jerusalem. In this city which is so particularly significant in the dialogue between the great monotheistic religions, we left a visible sign marking the great experience lived with young people from different parts of the planet, by planting an olive tree as a symbol of peace.
The next step is the reciprocity worksite “Sharing with Africa”. This event will be launched from Nairobi during 2014 United World Week worldwide link-up. We are all looking forward to this moment with great enthusiasm. One hundred young people are expected to participate: 50 from the African Continent and 50 from various parts of the world.
Would you like to join us??? 
Please contact us on: o 0039 06 94798217

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