mercoledì 23 aprile 2014

Madagascar: Musical Band all set for 1st May

Dear Youth for a United World.
We are the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) from Madagascar. Our country is an island located in the Indian Ocean basin. Our country’s population is 20 million. According to recent statistics, more than 40% of the Malagasy are under 30 years. This is substantially a very young population.
Here too, the Spirituality of Unity (Focolare Movement) arrived several years ago. We are part of this Movement and we boys and girls are strongly committed girls to building a united world in the different cities of our country. We are trying to put into practice the “Let’s Bridge” motto, launched to many young people spread all over the world in 2012 and we want “Be the Bridge” on a personal level. It is a fascinating experience because we feel that the whole world is essentially “waiting to welcome” our message of peace and brotherhood. So many young people want to embrace this ideal along with us!

In order to spread this ideal to as many children, youth and adults as possible, we thought of using music which people over here like very much. Besides they are often very talented in singing. Therefore, we decided to start a musical band to link us Y4UW to the other young Malagasy. Last year we were able to produce a CD, translating some of the Gen Rosso songs into our language. We immediately and gladly sent a copy of this CD to the Y4UW centre.
We feel thrilled and full of hope that this musical band will be an important tool towards building brotherhood and friendship among young people through various concerts we plan to have in our country. We will keep you informed!
We are presently preparing for a concert in Ambatondrazaka during the opening of the United World Week on 1st May and we expect the participation of one 1000 young people. We are really working hard for this important moment and there is a lot of enthusiasm.
Through the providence we have received we purchased some musical instruments: an electric guitar, a bass guitar and an amplifier, a drum set, a few microphones, a mixer, etc… We still lack some important items, such as a proper sound system (amplifier and loudspeakers) that can cater for an outdoor concert for 1000 people, a keyboard and wireless microphones.
We know that it will take time to get all we need, however, we thought of starting off with our concerts, confident that we will witness miracles.
Dear friends, dear Y4UW, we wish to assure your our efforts in living mutual love so that the united world becomes a living reality in our lives.

The Y4UW from Madagascar

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