domenica 27 luglio 2014


This is the heart felt appeal that resonates in each one of us. It is cried out to us by the Christians living in the Middle East and urges us not to remain passive in front of such a drama that is being perpetuated before our very eyes.
“Don’t forget us!” How can we ignore this cry! As Christians and as men and women of this planet, we cannot remain passive in front of such situations of conflict that people live in many parts of the world.
For this reason we join Pope Francis’ heartfelt prayer for peace, especially in the land of Jesus. May every endeavour be made in order not to use weapons and to avoid so many innocent deaths.

We want to assure our Christian sisters and brothers, and all other people belonging to different faiths, that we won’t forget them. We take a daily commitment to offer our day to day life and to pray to the Almighty so that violence might stop.  That dialogue between the concerned parties might open up and that we might have the “courage of peace.”

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