lunedì 13 giugno 2011

New Zealand Gen & Y4UW preparing for Genfest 2012

We have just received a letter from the Gen & Youth for a United World (Y4UW)in Wellington dated 11.06.2011
"A big Hello from all the Gen & Y4UW in New Zealand. We’ve spent the weekend together and are so so excited about the Gen Fest next year in Budapest, it will be a dream come true to be united with all the Gen and Y4UW from around the world. In fact we’ve already started preparing… we’ve calculated how much money we would have to save each day and we’re skyping the Gen in Australia tonight to hear about their plans! With exams around the corner for University students it will be hard to get everybody to Budapest but we are trying our best. We are getting ready to fundraise by baking and selling heaps of yummy treats filled with everybody’s love (that’s soo cheesy).
We hope to see everyone soon!"
With all our unity,
QuYen (Gen2 girl in Christchurch), Eggie (Gen2 boy in Auckland), Rachel, Antonia, Pascal, Marc, Paula, Joellyn, Jovan, Danielle, Joseph, Mattea, Brynelle, Stephan and JanJan

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