venerdì 17 giugno 2011

Reforestation Activity, United World Week 2011, Lebanon

I. Why consider a reforestation activity for the UWW?
a. Because of the fires that damaged a lot of areas all over the mountains in Lebanon.
b. The lack of green areas in many of the inhabited regions.

II. Why in Oqaibé? How the contact with the municipality was established?
a. A Y4UW, from Oqaibé, saw the need for such a project in his hometown and proposed it to the Municipality, and in return the Municipality of Oqaibé was responsive to the initiative.
b. A small group was formed to follow up with the preparations for the above project. This group introduced the Y4UW movement and its ideals and explained the purpose behind this project to the municipality.
III. What happened on the actual project day?
a. The sides of the main road, towards the mountains, were planted with little pine trees and cleaned from the trash stuck in the drains.
b. We visited many households in the region and we offered them a few pine trees to plant in their backyard.

IV. What are the future plans?
a. While there, we had the chance to interact with the representatives of the municipality and some locals that came to help us, and we agreed together to enlarge the project and make other ecological initiatives in the near future.

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