giovedì 16 giugno 2011

Americans’ ardent desire for unity

Young people in Toronto, New York and Chicago

Having met many people along the way and listening to their concerns about the individualistic environment in which they live, Maria Voce (Emmaus), President of the Focolare Movement shared her impression that the lyrics in spirituals, jazz, rock and rap seem to express Americans’ ardent desire for unity. “The spirituality of unity could do something to help this dream come true.”
And in fact we always see a new frontier to be crossed. This is how we reached the moon; the next frontier could be to reach unity!
In her dialogue with young people in Toronto, New York and Chicago, Emmaus spent hours discussing their difficulties and challenges. Among them were the lack of confidence in talking to peers about religion, the high cost of higher education, and political polarization on many levels.
Many left convinced that there are people waiting to be engaged in a project of world unity. “The Risen Lord is alive and wants to be among you, to walk with you through the streets of your cities to proclaim, heal and console,” Emmaus told them.

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