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Who is Chiara Luce? Born at Sassello on 29th October 1971, she was a late arrival for her parents who brought her up in the Catholic faith. She was gifted in many ways, attractive and outgoing, with lots of friends who considered her ordinary yet extraordinary. Embracing the spirituality of the Focolare Movement, founded by Chiara Lubich, she discovered God-Love as the ideal of her life. Out of love, she set out to do his will in every moment. She nurtured a friendship with Jesus, seeing him present in every neighbour. She preferred the marginalised and the poor, among whom the children of Africa, where she dreamed of going as a doctor.
When she was 17, she became ill with bone cancer, and entrusted herself to God’s love. She faced her sufferings by repeating, “If you want it Jesus, I want it too.” Those who visited her received serenity, peace and joy. “Chiara Luce”, as Chiara Lubich called her, sent out this message to her peers: “Young people are the future. I can no longer run, but I would like to pass on a lighted torch, like at the Olympics. They have only one life and it is worth spending it well.”
On 7th October 1990 she greeted her mother saying: “Bye! Be happy because I am!”
Her life was a witness of unconditional assent to the love of God, a “yes” that was daily repeated, especially in difficult moments, together with her parents, with Chiara Lubich and with the youth people, with whom she shared the same choice of life. This “yes” has transformed her illness into a bright journey towards the fullness of Life. Her reputation for sanctity has gradually spread.
She was beatified in Rome on 25th September, 2010.

Thousands of young people attended this event.

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