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How can I ask for the intercession of the saints?

I have a question a little different from others in this Direct Line section. I’d like to know how to ask the saints a grace for a friend who is fighting against cancer for years now. As a Christian, I know we can ask for it, but I don’t have a precise idea how to go about this. I heard that we can also pray to Blessed Chiara Luce Badano. (B.V.)
Your question expresses something of great value: the profound relationship of affection that links you to a friend who’s suffering and which urges you to ask what you can do for her.
When we love someone, we want the best for that person, and we wish that they can be freed as soon as possible from their burden. Often, however, before a painful situation, like terminal illness, before a suffering and the uncertainty that accompanies it, we feel more than powerless, and the desire to share and support seems the only thing left to us.
Thus, the first grace which I think you have already obtained and which you must continue to nurture is to be able to live together with your friend this painful moment of suspense, helping each other to believe in the love of God who is a father and who surely wants what’s good for your friend.
Since he is a father who wants us to love each other, he will surely be particularly happy about your prayer which expresses trust in his love, and he would be even happier when you ask for it in unity with other friends.

It is God whom we are asking the grace from! If you want to ask the intercession of some friends up there in heaven, like Chiara Luce, it is not important to rely on particular formulas, for you can express it in your own words. However, if you so desire, you may also visit the site of Chiara Luce (, where you will also find some prayers asking for her intercession.
The example of Chiara Luce can inspire you and your friend to have greater trust in facing this suspense and the pain of this illness, as she did. I know it is not so easy, so we wish to assure you and your friend of our prayers too.
Franceso Chatel

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