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Philippines: Tacloban City - WARAY ngaRUN

The Youth for a United World (Y4UW) of the Philippines is organizing a solidarity run named WARAY ngaRUN (after a local phrase from the dialect of the Taclobanons “waray ngaran” which means nameless) for Tacloban City, a town in the Philippines badly hit by typhoon Haiyan last year. The event will be on June 28, 2014, in time for the celebration of the fiesta of Tacloban City, Philippines.
WARAY ngaRUN, derived from a waray-waray phrase “waray ngaran” which means “nameless”, is a solidarity run event, open to all (Filipinos and nn Filipinos), designed to (1) Commemorate the lives of the many nameless victims lost to the typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda, (2) Honor the unsung heroes, the many groups and individuals who helped and are continuously helping the survivors, (3) Bring continuous awareness to the needs of various devastated areas, (4) Strengthen people’s spirit to start again and keep moving forward, (5) Involve the youth as front liners in the rebuilding of people’s lives.
This is a whole day Solidarity Event that is commenced by WARAY ngaRUN at 6 in the morning followed by exhibits and fair all day, the Solidarity Street Fest, and capped with a Solidarity Night event in the evening. We will be gathering inspiring experiences from different personalities and groups who in one way have been heroes in their own right during and after the typhoon. We are also expecting the different stakeholders of the city to attend: waray artists, waray bands and other talents, the students, teachers, private and government individuals to take part in this solidarity event.
All proceeds of the event will be donated to the START AGAIN PROJECT, a project of the Y4UW, which aims to help rebuild the spirits, lives and communities of the typhoon struck areas in the Visayas regions with a 7-point plan: (1) roofing for schools, (2) school supplies drive, (3) Yolanda memorial, (4) potable water systems, (5) higher education programs, (6) soup kitchen (7) medical mission.

How did this idea come up? It was a fruit of our Gen Rosso experience that made Jesus in our Midst really strong.
When Start Again Project arrived to help different parts of Leyte including the community in Tacloban, we felt strongly the need to reciprocate this love we feel from them by doing a concrete activity that will help continue fund the different projects of Start Again, thru this, we feel we really are now part of the project and no longer recipients. The upcoming Fiesta in Tacloban was the best time to do an activity to gather crowd and raise red where proceeds will go straight to the different interior areas of Tacloban far-reached by help.
When One Philippines was first introduced to the gen, we first thought of it as an impossible dream because of the distance and language barriers. But because of the different activities we had like the National Youth Camp in Tagaytay followed by the Dula ta Bai Sportsfest in Dumaguete, we realized how this dream is slowly coming true. We saw how the fire the gen have is becoming stronger with this newfound unity.

Given this, we ask for your help, prayers and unity for this noble event, particularly for the following: helping us spread the word of the event to more people and looking for kind individuals and groups who can sponsor a runner by paying for their registration, inclusive of a singlet, which costs Php 400 or 10USD.

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