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“Dialogue to Unlock” Appeal

We can no longer ignore the suffering of millions due to the injustices of war. To take action, we’ve committed ourselves to influencing the public opinion by developing a greater awareness of the crisis in the Middle East and sending financial help to the families affected by it. This is our appeal.
Our first step:
August 15: wearing white T-shirts as a symbol of solidarity to spread awareness to the conflict in the Middle East.
We invite everyone to share and upload photos and videos on this page. We wish to get the involvement of as many people as possible in this effort!

“Dialogue to Unlock” Appeal
Confronted by the growing number of ongoing armed conflicts in many parts of the world, especially the worsening crisis in the Middle East, we unite ourselves with everyone living this tragedy. We encourage the utilization of “dialogue to unlock” as a path for peace.
We strongly believe that military means are not a viable solution for bringing peace. Rather, we are convinced that true and lasting peace is achieved through negotiation and dialogue: where all parties recognize one another to be equal in dignity. Therefore, we call upon state leaders and all involved in such conflicts to stop the use of violent retaliation.

On our part, we believe in living dialogue wherever we are as a means of resolving, both small and great conflicts, which we encounter every day in every part of the planet. Furthermore, we invite all men and women of the world to be promoters of dialogue in their daily lives.
As a concrete gesture, we invite whoever wishes to join us in responding to the many emergency and crisis situations involving people who rely on our solidarity. Those who support this cause can contribute to the following current account  #120434, in the name of:
Associazione “Azione per un Mondo Unito – Onlus”
Via Frascati, 342 – 00040 Rocca di Papa (Rome, Italy)
Banca Popolare Etica – Filiale di Roma
Code IBAN: IT16 G050 1803 2000 0000 0120 434  –  code SWIFT/BIC: CCRTIT2184D
Purpose: Emergenza Medio Oriente (Middle East emergency relief)
Note: European donations can be tax deductible.

The Youth of the Focolare Movement

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