giovedì 21 agosto 2014

How to handle a frustrated customer

Ignoring her would have been the easy way out
When I used to work at a swimsuit store, I would meet many different kinds of customers. One day I was helping a lady find the perfect swimsuit for her vacation, and nothing was going well. She either did not like the color, size, style, brand or material.
The more I tried to help the more frustrated she became. She started to take her anger out on me and my coworkers, and I truly prayed to God for patience.
At one point my co-worker asked me, “What are you doing? Just let her be and she’ll eventually leave.”
I considered it for a moment, but instead I replied, “No! I won’t give up that easy. I will continue to show patience and understanding despite her mood. If I show her attitude,
it won’t resolve anything, and she’ll leave unhappy. I really don’t want that.”

So with this I went forward and continued to be polite, understanding and patient, even though I was tempted to think, “This isn’t worth it! What are you doing?”
She finally found something she was happy with and realized when she was paying for the swimwear that she was being rude to my coworkers and me. She sincerely apologized for her behavior and thanked me for my continued help.
She actually couldn’t believe that I was brave enough to keep suggesting other bathing suits. I told her that I was praying for patience the entire time, and she replied, “It seems to be working! Don’t ever stop praying, someone up there is listening!”
When she left the store I felt so grateful that I was able to help her find the right suit when I knew ignoring her would have been be the easy way.
Froila Fernandes, Toronto

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