venerdì 1 maggio 2015

Hong Kong: Life Love Light - Photo Competition

We are the youth from the zone of Hong Kong. We are living the event of UWW. In our daily life we experience a lot of pressure from studies, works and often we feel crushed by the negatives things happening around us. We thought of making a photo competition to show a different aspect of reality, to look for beauty in the daily life, in our environments…we met some difficulties in thinking about this but we wanted to see every details together and we tried different ways to invite the young people to join us.

We created a webpage on cellular phones, posters etc. Every young people who participate will receive a set of postcards made out of the pictures we received. Until now we received 67 photos from different parts and today in the afternnon we will show them in an exibit.

We want to say louder that we are with you in India to show the world that unity is possible. UNO!!!!

These are the stickers that we are going to distribute on the street of our city to spread the culture of peace and positive values:

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