venerdì 17 luglio 2015

#EmbraceNepal: "Tutti siamo uno" with Edward

This is Edward, an ordinary guy who recently found out about what happened in Nepal, where a 7.8 Magnitude earthquake destroyed cities, villages and took lives of thousands in a matter of minutes.

He too experienced a similar helplessness when his city (Tacloban City, Philippines) was hit by what is so far the strongest typhoon on the planet - Supertyphoon Haiyan. However, a lot of help came from strangers from different countries: strangers, anonymous, were making every step to make sure that we had food to eat, water, temporary shelter, and emotional and medical help.

Now, we are faced with another type of destruction from a natural calamity. And this time, Nepal needs our help – Nepal needs every little act of kindness. And he want to be part of it.

So he started offering these t-shirts for sale, all processed through drop shipping. No, he doesn’t have a business of printing shirts; it just happens that now they could outsource operational requirements of production. Since he also studied entrepreneurship, with this project, he's hoping to be at least like the social entrepreneurs that he look up to - who are continuously doing a lot of good on this planet.
Every purchase would help in rebuilding the scarred cities and affected lives start again. By purchasing this t-shirt you will help the YOUTH FOR A UNITED WORLD INTERNATIONAL to forward supplies like water, food, clothing to the Nepal Earthquake survivors.
To help and purchase a t-shirt please visit this link:

He will be taking this step, and he hopes you could join them by purchasing or by sharing this idea. #EmbraceNepal

For more info about Edward and his project you can visit his website:

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