martedì 7 gennaio 2014

Washington, DC: “The Challenge of Applying to College”

From the Youth for a United World (Y4UW) from Luminosa
“One of the difficulties that families find when moving to US is the education system and bureaucracy.
Especially when it is time to apply to College…
Also for some of the Y4UW that moved to near Washington, DC with their families, this is a challenge.
When they shared this struggle, another couple who also lives for a united world, had an idea: since they went through the whole process with their own children and are so familiar with the whole process, why not offer their help?
So one evening, they gather with two other families: one from Egypt and another one from Korea and went through the whole process and answer to all their questions.
It was an amazing evening! Everyone participated in the discussion, young and adults, and there was such a big sense of peace and serenity among all and more clarity in which steps to take next.

It was an experience of being part of a larger “family”, even in such a different country! They now decided to keep in touch in the future and keep helping each other.”

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