lunedì 18 agosto 2014

JORDAN: A declaration from Christians and Muslims

Press release – 15th August, 2014
Declaration of the Focolare Movement in Jordan. Christians and Muslims together affirm: “evil can never have the last say”
Within the context of the present situation in the Middle East, The Focolare Movement in Jordan has made a public declaration – shared by the entire Focolare Movement – in which an appeal has been made for peace and for a visible commitment to help victims of violence.
“We, Christians and Muslims of the Focolare Movement in Jordan, wish to express our great dismay for what has taken place in these days and is continuing at this very moment in the Middle East”, the declaration states, focusing attention onto the dramatic situation in Syria, Gaza and the North of Iraq and condemning all acts of violence against the human person. “Who commits these abominable acts does not have a religion, and if they declare they have one, they do nothing but undermine it. The essence of religion is the meeting between God, man and the entire creation” continues the declaration, denouncing who wants to create separate ghettos in a land where for hundreds of years people of various religions lived together.

Highlighting the contribution to the development of peace, that leads to dialogue, the Christians and Muslims of the Focolare in Jordan affirm their commitment to “work side by side to build a peaceful and harmonious society, in the defence of every human being – regardless of religious creed, ethnicity or tradition – and continuing to work for peace, brotherhood and the protection of nature.”

The declaration concludes with the certainty that “we can bring about good, sustain it and spread it wherever it is already present”, with the faith that “evil can never have the last say; faith in God guarantees this, just like the strong relationships amongst us.”

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